Cuisine of The Marches

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Since the medieval times, the inhabitants of the Marches have had a reputation of being skilled craftsmen and artisans. The Marches style was not to reproduce established models but to push the boundaries and aim at perfection, to this end the Marches is kind of the Japan of Italy. From the shipyards of Ancona the largest cargo ships in the world were launched. Household items such as electrical appliances, footwear, clothing, mopeds, furniture and musical instruments are manufactured in the cooperatives of the Marches, supplying all of Italy and half the nations exports. In addition to their industriousness the people of the Marches are very academic and are constantly studying. The university campus of Urbino practically coincides with the whole are of the city centre, as it does in Oxford. Forty colleges are located within the piazzas of Urbino.

This Complexity, creativity and a love of effort can also be seen in the cuisine of the Marches. Cooks of the Marches diligently process all elements of food with no thought of conserving time or energy. In the Marches everything that can be stuffed, is stuffed, from large legs of wild boar to tiny olives. Large pasta tubes, cannelloni, are stuffed with asparagus and prosciutto and even calamari is stuffed with ground veal. Food is cooked for a long time and elaborate paper parathion techniques are used on even the simplest of ingredients.
Olive Ascolane (Ascoli-style olives) are produced here and sold throughout Italy. Olives are stuffed with meat, prosciutto or a mixture of herbs , egg, Parmesan, nutmeg and cinnamon then the olives are dipped in flour, egg and then breadcrumbs, left to cool in the refrigerator, then fried in plenty of olive oil for a minute to a minute and a half.

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